Richard Thielges


My Macular Degeneration is a terrible situation to be in. Dr. Rinkoff (what a saint) saw me immediately after being referred to by my optometrist and I feel this quick care and follow on treatments has truly saved my sight. Eye sight saved for seven great years and it's now ongoing. The office staff are more than great. Very professional and friendly care. Always given. May God bless or in Lakota it's “Wakan Tanka Kici Un.”

Mike Moffat


Thank you and your staff for taking such good care of me. We were treated like royalty. The experience was absolutely fantastic. Thanks to you, we will have a Merry Christmas. We wish the same to you as well.

Michael Haritos


I have the utmost respect and admiration for Dr. Rinkoff in his endeavor and dedication to helping those of us who have special eyecare needs. The time and energy he expends, with so many needing his attention, does not go unnoticed.

Dr. Rinkoff's Retina Care Center has an extremely supportive, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Any concerns or needs are immediately addressed. I extend my thanks to everyone for the kindness shown.

It is traumatic, to say the least, to know one has macular degeneration. I am very visual as an artist, writer and voracious reader. Given this, I am, however, grateful for and have complete confidence in the care I receive from Dr. Rinkoff. May God's blessings and protection be with him.

Dorothy and Bud Maffett


Dr. Rinkoff is a superb doctor that uses all the latest technology and equipment and has a marvelous staff. He has been taking care of Dorothy for over 10 years. Visits have included laser and regular surgery, and also care for Macular Degeneration.

Dr. Rinkoff restored Bud's eyesight with outpatient surgery. Bud had been blind in the left eye for fifty years. Dr. Rinkoff is a great doctor with an outstanding manner and a good sense of humor. His efficient staff is warm and caring.

Barbara Miller


Among my favorite people are Dr. Jeffrey Rinkoff and his wonderful staff. I have been a patient for six years for Macular Degeneration. In this time, I have come to know and love them. Their expertise is accompanied by caring and geniality. They make me feel at ease when there for shots in my eyes.

Dr. Rinkoff is a four star winner. He has saved my sight (20/25) and I consider him the BEST. I am so grateful for having been referred to him by my doctor and thankful for the exceptional care I receive.

Lee Murdoch, MD


First rate treatment and excellent results. Very friendly, comfortable and yet professional office. Five stars.

Jerry R. Hall


It is my pleasure to send an "atta boy" message to Dr. Rinkoff's office.

I have been his patient for several years. Without his care, I'm sure I would have lost my sight in the left eye. My experience with his office and employees has been very pleasant.

His employees Tim, Ted, Tammie, Debbie and Susan plus the front office staff has made the injection in my eye bearable.

I certainly extend my thanks to all of them.

Page Tumy


We are so fortunate to have Dr. Rinkoff and his very capable and kind staff in our valley. His treatment of my Macular Degeneration, including shots in one eye every five or six weeks, is outstanding!

Nova Gregg


Dr. Rinkoff is truly a gift from God. I wish him the best. He is kind and caring.